Sneaker Guide

NIKE Air Force 1


The sneaker name refers to Air Force One, the plane that carries the president of the United States. The sneakers are sold in three different styles.low, mid and high. Here at T.O.N.Y. we are dedicated to helping you create a truly one of a kind pair of custom Air Force Ones.

Air Force 1 Air Force 1 back




Mid Top

mid Nikemid 2mid 2 back

High Top

high top nikehigh top nike sidehigh top nike sole


Reebok Classic Leather

Reebok Classic LeatherReebok Classic Leather 2Reebok Classic Leather sole

Reebok F/S HI women

Reebok F/S HI womenReebok F/S HI women 2Reebok F/S HI women sole